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FOCUS - America Latina

 Constitutional culture and federalism in Argentina.

Häberle sustains that the “Constitution is not limited to just being a set of legal texts or a mere collection of laws, but that it expresses a certain degree of cultural development, a means of an entire people’s personal self-representation, a mirror of their cultural legacy and the bedrock of their hopes and desires.” And he adds “…the juridical side of every constitutional State is only a fragment of the reality of every living Constitution which, throughout its entire text and context, is only one of that State’s cultural expressions. That is why the actual texts of a Constitution must be literally “cultivated” (the noun culture comes from the Latin verb cultivare) in order to become an authentic Constitution.”
So the distinguished scholar defines constitutional culture as “the sum of attitudes and ideas, subjective experiences, scales of values, subjective expectations and the corresponding objective actions both at the personal level of a citizen and his associations, as well as at the level of government organizations and any others related with the Constitution”... (segue)


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