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NUMERO 5 - 10/03/2010

The italian challenge between federalism and subsidiarity

Italy was built up as  unitary State in 1861, after the collapse of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies under the pressure of the “Mille” of Giuseppe Garibaldi and the annexing of the South of Italy to the Kingdom of Sardinia. 1866 territories of the State of the Catholic Church were annexed to the new proclaimed Kingdom of Italy; and finally Rome entered in the Kingdom in 1870, realizing the definitive unification of the Italian Nation within an unitary State.
In the last thirty years of the XIX century Italy took actively part to the politics of European States of colonization of Africa. With the First World War unification of Italy was finally completed, with the annexing of the last territories (Trent and Trieste) under the control of Austro-Hungarian Empire.After the War Italy was not able to conciliate the unavoidable expansion of political and social rights with the democracy and experimented twenty years of authoritarian regime, participating finally to the Second World War together with the Nazi Germany, the two European countries which reached only in the late nineteen century the national unity.... 


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