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» Studi di Federalismi

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A multilevel constitutional perspective on Brexit: From local to global

C. Fasone, C. Martinelli (a cura di)
Edizione: 2023
Pagine: 208
ISBN: 9788892143951
Editore: G. Giappichelli

Two years after the signature of the EU-UK partnership agreement, three years after “Brexit day”, and six-and-a-half years after the withdrawal referendum this timely volume engages with the effects that such a complex and multifaceted phenomenon has produced on classic notions of contemporary constitutional law, like vertical separation of powers, and on the theory of multilevel constitutionalism. In doing so it combines together the domestic and sub-national dimensions of analysis within the UK with the supranational and international dimensions, both in the relationship between the EU and the Member States and between the EU and the outside world. Despite the multi-disciplinary nature of this endeavor – in between constitutional law, comparative law, EU and international law – all the authors deal, from their own specific perspective, with the same research question: Which constitutional implications has Brexit determined and which are likely to be triggered in the near future based on the relationship between the various levels of government within and beyond the UK?

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