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NUMERO 22 - 06/11/2013

 General Observations and Commentaries on the 'Latin-American Ius Costitutionale Commune International Seminar on Human Rights: The emergence of a New Public Law in the 21st Century'

I am honored to hold the closing address of this important international seminar on the theme of Latin-American “Ius Constitutionale Commune” on Human Rights. I believe I can contribute to this meeting if, more than expressing my personal impressions on the matter, I be able to make a comprehensive, analytical summary of everything that was debated here in these two days. I carefully took notes of each and every intervention and their major points. My observations will be focused on the following matters, the first of which was approached by Prof. Von Bogdandi as he stated that “the basic structure of Public Law in our region is changing, and that a political, legal and cultural project is undergoing transformation”. He also suggested reflection on a proposal to create a new legal concept, which it refers to as Jus Constitutionale Commune. This is where I start from to express my agreement with this proposition to a certain extent. And I explain how I see it. It seems to me that, yes, constructing a Jus Constitutionale Commune is not only possible but also desirable in our region. We certainly count on factors or elements that in fact contribute and move fast towards accomplishing this objective... (segue)

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