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FOCUS - Osservatorio di Diritto sanitario

 WHO's to blame for the coronavirus pandemic? A tentative assessment of WHO's role in the crisis

Abstract [En]: This contribution aims to assess, in the light of the institutional and legal framework in which the WHO operates and of the 2005 International Health Regulations, the conduct and eventual responsibilities of the Organisation and of its director general in the Covid-19 crisis.


Abstract [It]: Il presente contributo intende valutare, alla luce del quadro istituzionale e giuridico in cui opera l’OMS e delle International Health Regulations del 2005, la condotta e le eventuali responsabilità dell'Organizzazione e del suo direttore generale nella crisi del Covid-19.


Table of contents: 1. Preliminary remarks. 2. WHO’s institutional and legal framework. 3. The International Health Regulations (2005). 4. Assessing WHO’s role and eventual responsibilities in the management of the Covid-19 crisis. 4.1. The declaration of a PHEIC. 4.2. Which responsibilities may be assigned to the WHO with respect to Covid-19? 4.3. Responsibility for omissive conducts. 5. General conclusions and suggestions.

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