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 In search of European sovereignty

Regardless of the strategic interpretation one wants to give, two political truths emerge from the Afghan crisis. On the one hand, there is no doubt that the withdrawal of the American Army is the direct son of an "America first" doctrine, which has always been present in American culture. On the other hand, the defeat of the European Union is evident: the EU, even taking into account the very limited powers at its disposal, has proved to be totally absent in the management of both its political and military presence as well as of the withdrawal. We are facing a reduction, if not a departure, of the United States from the world stage: this new situation will have dramatic consequences on Europe, both in terms of the impact on the values and interests that are represented and on the model of constitutional organization that we define as democratic. Without even entering into the discussion of whether "our" democracy is exportable, the unresolved question that is at the basis of the foundation and development of the European experience once again emerges. Faced with the aggressiveness of different institutional and economic models in a globalized world which do not necessarily recognize the values that we consider as universal, will the old European states be able to protect those same values within the narrow borders of their national sovereignties?... (segue)

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