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NUMERO 20 - 29/10/2014

 Right to Health as a bridge to effectuate the other social rights in the BRICS

Distances and proximities – this is the search to be made in BRICS’ context. How is it possible to approach such distant and different realities? In which way these differences can be decreased? The birth of the BRICS is a bid on difference, a difference that can actually indicate a new form of cooperation between countries. Our research is set to identify in which way it’s possible to find “bridges” between these nations and so, for this investigation, we have used the Metatheory of Fraternal Law because, through this methodology, one may identify how the model of health of each country may complement the other – and the right to health is certainly a bridge for the effectuation of other social rights. Thus, precisely for integrating this group of geographically distant and very different countries but, at the same time, capable of a fraternal view to see the other as another-me, one can visualize concrete possibilities of social transformation trough a new way of international cooperation between these countries that, beside the economic development, set for effectuate human rights. The right to health – as a “bridge” to effectuate other several human rights – it has  shown in this new agenda of cooperation, in the BRICS’ context, representing a basic social right to human development, which surpasses frontiers, therefore enabling the creation of consensus and pacts competing to overcome the barrier of a sovereign state... (segue)

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