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NUMERO 8 - 17/04/2019

 Pseudo Constitutionalism in Central Asia

The article discusses a disturbing phenomenon, which is termed as pseudo constitutionalism. The latter is defined through the article as a practice in which constitutionalism is used to undermine democracy itself and move toward authoritarian rule. By using Central Asia as a case study – notably known as the most repressive region of the post-Soviet Union sphere and the least inclined towards democratization – the aim of the article is to show how and to what extent non-democratic regimes of contemporary era use democratic instruments found in constitutions (separation of powers, system of checks and balances, political pluralism, and national referenda), or instruments traditionally viewed to protect democracy (constitutional amendments and constitutional justice) to preserve, on one hand, a veneer of democratic development and, on the other hand, as tools for authoritarian state building... (segue)

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