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NUMERO 14 - 12/06/2024

 The 2024 European Parliament Elections in Italy

Italy is going through a phase of major institutional reforms. To tell the truth, the issue of reforms has been running through the political life of the country for more than 40 years, but in the last period there have been some important evolutions: Constitutional Law No. 1 of 2020 reduced the number of Parliamentarians, both in the Chamber of Deputies (from 630 to 400) and in the Senate of the Republic (from 315 to 200); Parliament is discussing – and everything suggests that the operation has a good chance of coming to realization – a reform that will involve the direct election of the Prime Minister, determining a real revolution in the Italian form of government. Moreover, this intervention on the form of government travels together with the implementation and strengthening of the so-called differentiated regionalism, which aims to confer special forms of autonomy to certain regions that – possessing certain characteristics – request it, pursuant to Article 116, c. 3, Const… (continues)

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