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FOCUS - Africa N. 3 - 11/12/2019

 The trilateral cooperation between the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations on migration and Libya: a successful example of collaboration?

The Mediterranean Sea has always been a context for human mobility and migration. For centuries thousands of persons have travelled across its waters and entered in contact with other populations for the most different reasons. Nowadays, it continues to be a bridge between the “South” and the “North”, with migratory flows towards Europe that have been intensifying during the last decades. In parallel with the increase of the trans-Mediterranean mobility, the recent period has witnessed the proliferation of a widespread system of irregular migration to Europe, a prosperous “business” accompanied by a growing mortality, which, according to the International Organization for Migration (hereinafter: “IOM”), has made the Mediterranean crossing the world’s deadliest route for migrants... (segue)


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