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Numero 20 - 29 ottobre 2014 NORMATIVA [11]    GIURISPRUDENZA [68]    DOCUMENTAZIONE [31]

BRICS, why not?

Federalismi è particolarmente lieta di dedicare questo numero monografico alla pubblicazione dei papers che saranno presentati il 6 e 7 novembre p.v. a Parma in occasione del Convegno “The BRICS group in the spotlight. An interdisciplinary approach”. Al tema dei BRICS Countries, già in precedenza affrontato dalla rivista, viene così dato l’ampio risalto che merita con approfondimenti interdisciplinari di elevato livello scientifico. Lucia Scaffardi, motore di questa iniziativa, nel tratteggiare il quadro in cui si inserisce questa tematica, introduce i contributi che saranno presentati nei quattro panel della conferenza.

Beniamino Caravita

 More than 40% of the inhabitants of this planet live in the BRICS countries, and one fifth of the world’s wealth is generated from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (O' Neill 2011). If we add that one fourth of the dry land waves the flag of a BRICS country, the picture becomes really significant, both numerically and geographically. The BRICS countries are much more than a mere concept (Chun 2013), they are a tangible reality. What is also important to consider, when talking about the BRICS, is how fast these emerging countries are becoming  main actors, and often real protagonists, in fields such as world economics, geopolitics and global opportunities (Cooper & Farooq 2013). It was the year 2009 when, for the first time, the BRIC countries (which would have added the “S” a few years later) decided to formally regroup... (segue)

BRICS and global politics (Panel I)

+ M. Papa, BRICS as a Global Legal Actor: From Regulatory Innovation to BRICS Law?; 

+ M. Carducci - A.S. Bruno, BRICS as Constitutional Inhomogenous Dynamics;

+ M. Kahn, 
BRICS cooperation in science, technology and innovation: rhetoric and realities;

+ A. F. Cooper, A. B. Farooq, 
Testing the Club Culture of the BRICS: The Evolution of a New Development Bank

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BRICS, socio-economic rights and social inequalities (Panel II)

+ J. Armour - C. Schmidt, Layers of Legality: Building Enforcement Capacity for Brazilian Corporate Law;

+ A. Shelepov - M. Rakhmangulov - A.Sakharov - M. Larionova, 
BRICS: Emergence of Health Agenda;

S. R. Martini Vial, R
ight to Health as a bridge to effectuate the other social rights in the BRICS; 

D. Cerini, 
“Micro in Macro”: the role of private Health Insurance in Brics;

S. Cocchi, S
ocio-economic rights and the South African Constitutional Court. Selected case law for a map of open problems

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BRICS' economic dimensions (Panel III)

+ H. Reisen, Will the BRICS Bank Help Reform the Global Financial Architecture?;

+ W. Zhao, What is Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics? 
Perspective on State, Market, and Society;

+ M. Mrockova, 
Does law matter for economic development: the case of China

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BRICS, sustainable development and energy (Panel IV)

+ D. Amirante, The Protection of Environment in BRICS Emerging Economies: a Comparative Approach to India and China;

+ C. Gramkow, 
Competitiveness and Innovation towards green growth in emerging economies: a case study of Brazil;

+ P. Fabbri - A. Ninni, 
Environmental Problems and Development Policies for Renewable Energy in BRIC Countries

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