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FOCUS - Non-State Actors and Human Security in Navigable Spaces N. 2 - 17/01/2022

Non-State Actors and Human Security in Navigable Spaces

This Special Issue on “Non-state Actors and Human Security in Navigable Spaces” presents the outcomes of the interdisciplinary research carried out within the project “Protecting HUman SEcurity with non-state actors in the MARitime and CYber SPAce, HUMARCYSPASE”. This research project starts from the idea that, while maritime space and cyberspace are very different, their governance may be driven by sensitive and inter-related issues that deserve an in-depth analysis from several legal perspectives. First and foremost, it is common knowledge that both these spaces were conceived as being open and universally accessible. This fascinating notion soon collided with the reality of facts: first seas and oceans, and later cyberspace, became a prime breeding ground for cross-cutting and multifaceted threats which… (segue)

The International Seabed Authority’s Contribution to Human Security Standard-Setting

This paper argues that ISA’s mandates, in accordance with UNCLOS and the 1994 Implementing Agreement, are unavoidable interlinked to a people-centred approach to international peace and sustainable development. Such an approach characterizes, at the same time, the core concept of human security... (segue)

Does Accommodating Solidarity in EU Asylum Law Require a Paradigm Shift? From Solidarity despite Asylum Seekers to Solidarity towards Asylum Seekers

Acknowledging the central role of solidarity within the architecture of the EU, the paper investigates the internal and external dimension of solidarity. In order to evaluate the EU commitment towards its accommodation, the paper investigates how solidarity has been... (segue)

Private Ships Faced with Large-Scale Rescue Operations at Sea - A Challenge for the Law of the Sea

The existence of an obligation to render assistance applicable to the private sector is clear. However, its implementation gives rise to numerous challenges. The present article highlights the difficulties faced by the private ships and the shipping industry when involved in a rescue operation in the context of migration and demonstrates... (segue)

Promoting Human Security of Migrants in Maritime Space: The Role of Non-State Actors in North Macedonia

The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of non-state actors in promoting human security of migrants in the maritime space in relation to North Macedonia. Specifically, it discusses the role non-governmental organizations in North Macedonia in advocating... (segue)

Pandemic Apparatus and Digital Governmentality

The paper aims to analyze the relations between the biopolitical measures for the management of the Covid-19 pandemic and the technological countermeasures delegated to digital platforms to ensure a systematic control of the individuals. It identifies the notion of captology... (segue)

Keep It up: Social Media Platforms and the Duty to Carry Content

The status quo of extremely concentrated social media markets, where a handful of platforms control the vast majority of the flow of information in our society, has led to questioning whether the users can claim that the platforms have a duty to keep up the content they upload... (segue)

Blockchain and Smart Contracts: Evolutionary Profiles of Telematic Negotiation

Starting from an examination of the relevant legal framework, the essay examines the important innovations introduced in the context of computer and telematic contracts by blockchain e smart contract, as well as the difficult legal issues raised by their... (segue)

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